Ponta do Sol
Welcome to Ponta do Sol, a magical corner on the island of Santo Antao, Cabo Verde, situated at the northernmost tip of this Atlantic gem. This photographic project delves into the everyday life of the picturesque fishing port, known as Boca da Pistola, challenging the ocean's bravado with its narrow access, creating a stage where courage and hope intertwine daily.
Each day, men and women venture into this small port with their wooden boats, confronting treacherous rocks to enter the violent and mighty Atlantic Ocean. It's a daring dance with nature, where life hangs on each wave, and fishing becomes an act of bravery.
While these brave sailors navigate the infinite blue, on the coast, others await with bated breath, praying for their safe return and a bountiful catch to feed both their families and the community. The profound connection between land and sea reveals itself in the anxious anticipation of those trusting in the elements' strength and the skill of those challenging their limits.
Upon returning to the port, men and women, together, take on the responsibility of cleaning and selling the precious catch. It's a life cycle that repeats, where strength, solidarity, and faith in a safe return weave the fabric of existence in Ponta do Sol.
Through this photographic series, we capture the magic and grandeur of this place, where daily struggles transform into a visual poem of human resilience against the vast ocean and the uncertainty it brings. Join us on this visual journey that pays homage to the beauty and complexity of life in Ponta do Sol!
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